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Energy-saving low-carbon green development so corporate to achieve environmentally earnings double harvest

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Polaris Power Reuters: 22nd National Energy Conservation Week activities started in Beijingon June 10, the event is co-sponsored by 14 ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission and other organizers provisions of this sector National Energy Conservation Week June 10 to June 16. Across the country will be around the theme of "energy-saving low-carbon, green development", a series of activities, energy saving and environmental protection in the country will once again set off a boom.

Industrial enterprises asChina's large energy consumption, energy consumption accounts for the total national energy consumption by nearly 70%. Electricity accounts for nine key energy-consuming industries of iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, textiles, paper and other industrial enterprises with more than 60% of the electricity, but the average unit energy consumption than the foreign advanced level 40% higher.

According to statistics from the International Energy Network, in recent years, for electric power, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, and other major energy-consuming industries, the countries to develop national standards limit energy consumption, energy efficiency products, energy metering 46. In water-saving, materials, renewable energy, waste recycling and reuse released more than 80 national standards in the field. Open up new roads for energy saving and environmental protection. Visible national emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection.

According to the "12th Five-Year Plan requirements to 2015,China's above-scale industrial added value energy than the 21% decline in 2010, during the" 12th Five-Year "period to achieve energy savings of 670 million tons of standard coal. 2015, the unit of industrial added value of the energy consumption of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, chemicals, building materials, machinery, light industry, textile, electronic information and other key industries than in 2010 decreased by 18%, 18%, 18%, 20% , 20%, 22%, 20%, 20%, 18%.

Worrying that our energy reduction task is not completed last year, energy saving and emission reduction situation is grim. Tong Wenjie, chairman of the board of this international energy network, told reporters in an interview for their valuable advice: start with links from the technology of energy saving, management of energy-saving, pollutant emissions control technology, waste recycling, help enterprises to establish a scientific application of energy saving standard system effective energy saving methods. addition, some enterprises use the residual heat and pressure power generation, biomass power generation, cogeneration projects, is also a shortcut to energy saving under the current energy situation in China, rural New very optimistic about the prospects for energy biomass, with the residual heat and pressure to generate electricity, "the trial run, many enterprises have received satisfactory results."

Tong Wenjie, chairman of residual heat and pressure to generate electricity is a national support policies for heavily polluting industries, in general, residual pressure waste heat power generation through the device of blast furnace gas pressure to generate electricity. The blast furnace gas TRT device is the use of the residual pressure waste heat of the blast furnace top gas, the gas import turbine tympanites machine, the pressure and heat into mechanical energy to drive the generators of an energy recovery unit. The device during operation will not create any pollution and public nuisance, and the low cost of power generation. It is understood that the Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group Company ironworks 3 Blast Furnace Gas TRT device since the formal grid has a total generating 129 million kwh, a benefit of 40 million yuan, has a promising future.

At the same time, the British biological Economic Advisers NNFCC (British National renewable energy, fuel and materials center) had said in a report released by the end of April 2012, in the next eight years, heat and electricity from biomass can provide jobs for 50,000 British . Most of these jobs may have acted as a technical role, mainly in the engineering and construction sector, which is necessary for the construction and operation of the new bio-energy plant. Biomass will play an important role in the UK 2020 renewable energy targets.

This shows that industrial growth is not a the green GDP fate. Science and energy saving is not only income generation but also improve employment growing weight on Earth, increasing awareness of environmental protection, how fame and fortune is the focus of the business people, the creation of green GDP, to create a win-win situation of money and responsibility.

Notes: Green GDP refers to the total amount of new countries to measure the cost of natural capital to create real national wealth accounting indicators. Simply put, that is, from the current statistics of GDP, net due to environmental pollution, degradation of natural resources, low education, the number of people out of control, the cost of the economic losses caused by the mismanagement and other factors, to arrive at the true total national wealth.

                                                                                                                                             From: International Energy Network

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