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TPV Electronics (Fujian) Co., boiler flue gas waste heat utilization project a complete success!



TPV Technology Group (Hong Kong Hang Seng stock code: 903), its own brand AOC as Edmund Overseas Limited abbreviation (Admiral Overseas Corporation). Edmund Overseas Corporation was a famous TV manufacturing plant in Taiwan, global marketing and brand AOC. The early 1980s, with the introduction of the personal computer and computer monitor market demand, Edmund Overseas Corporation, converting the display, AOC brand in over 30 years in the marketing process, due to its good quality, rich service experience with basic and high-quality research and development capabilities, make it very competitive in the international market, one of the large-scale, high-level display manufacturers.

The basic situation

Boiler power: 2T / h
Exhaust gas temperature :190-230 °ś
Fuel Type: Diesel
Two boilers by the respective exhaust pipe independently emptying emissions from boiler flue gas temperature heating boiler feed water.

 The system layout

Respectively of two 2T / h boiler flue at each arranged a FYRHS-2A-type atmospheric pressure waste heat recovery, and reduce the flue gas of 190-230 °ś to 120 °ś emissions, heated to 20 °„ C room temperature water softener to 60 °ś or so for boiler use.

The effectiveness estimates

Two 2T / h transformation of waste heat recovery boiler, the hourly total recoverable heat: 124000kcal / h the diesel heat value: 9500kcal/kg. The recovered heat to heat water efficiency of about 85%, the efficiency of diesel combustion heating water in about 80%, so the recovered heat can be converted into diesel equivalents. Work 24 hours a day, 30 days a month meter, single boiler is turned on, then:
Monthly savings of diesel = 124000kcal / h °¬ 9500kcal/kg °Ń 24 hours °Ń 30 days
                            = 10 tons
The two boilers at the same time on a monthly savings of diesel is about 10 tons a year is the 120 tons of diesel. High temperature transformation of waste heat recovery boiler to reduce emissions pollution, while at the same boiler fuel savings for your company. This project is not only in line with the industrial policy of energy saving and carbon reduction, but also reduces the operating costs of enterprises, economic and social benefits are very significant.


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