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The Lanzhou Stone Group a 114 # desktop furnace regenerative transformation has been successfully run!



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Blue Stone Co., now part of the the Lanzhou Petrochemical Mechanical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as the blue stone Group Company), Blue Stone Group company's refining equipment manufacturing and heat processing part of a joint venture with China Huarong Asset Management Corporation of Lanzhou stone machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.. Blue stone existing wholly-owned group of companies, 11 holding subsidiaries, Branch (plant) 8 also diversified into real estate development, in addition to the production of petrochemical machinery, refining equipment, general machinery, castings and forgings, materials management storage and transportation , market development and agricultural production. The blue stone import and export company with independent import and export rights, and some products are sold in more than ten countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Turkmenistan.

Large forging furnace regenerative transformation project


Transformation of the former technical indicators:

(1) Heating the workpiece: large forgings

(2) Heating temperature: 1250 ¡æ

(3) Fuel Type: Natural Gas

(4) Fuel heating value: Qd = 8400 ¡Á 4.18kJ/m3

(5) The Furnace Using: curved dome

(6) Installed, a material way: trolley

(7) The original furnace burner: the top of the flat flame burner

(8) Exhaust way: the end portion side of smoke

(9) Empty, gas preheat way: no preheating

(10) The thermal efficiency: h <25%


After transformation, technical indicators:

Exhaust gas temperature: 70 ¡ã C

Air preheat temperature: 1300 ¡ã C

Average fuel consumption: <60m3 / h

Stove average thermal efficiency: ¡Ú 48.5%


Large forging furnace transformation before




Large forging furnace transformation





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