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Ministry of Environmental Protection the heavy pollution control will start a number of major projects


Source: Global energy saving and environmental protection network


The 2013 National Environmental Protection Work Conference will be held next week. The official said, more stringent energy conservation and emission reduction, and solve outstanding environmental problems that harm public health priority, the focus of the work of the 2013 National Environmental Protection. Given the recent large-scale air pollution, the ministry will strengthen air monitoring, to encourage qualified to advance the implementation of new air quality standards monitoring, and to refine regional joint prevention and control planning.

It is reported that, relying on the "12th Five-Year" circular economy technology development plan, select the relationship between global launch a number of major technology projects and key projects, increase energy conservation efforts to support R & D will also be the focus of environmental protection work.
Felt strengthen environmental protection over the past few days and a large range of fog and haze, so that the whole society to one of the most direct and profound way the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as the urgency of the emission reduction and pollution control.

Stakeholders told reporters, the most fundamental causes to produce round of atmospheric pollution problem there are two: First, China's economy is the excessive consumption of extensive development and energy cost of growth patterns and resource environment become increasingly accumulated, to the time of the outbreak point; China's use of coal-based energy structure to the environment caused by the enormous pressure.

In his view, China's central and eastern areas have a wide range of fog and haze is not an accidental phenomenon. Even the countries and people have realized the seriousness of the environmental problems that have accumulated in a short time be effectively addressed, including air pollution, as well as water, soil, heavy metal pollution problem may also occur in the future and can not be expected to. To this end, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang said on the 16th, governance pollution "must do something", shows the determination of the senior heavy pollution control. It can be expected, energy conservation and other related areas, may implement more stringent standards in the future.

Some experts told reporters that the senior has been cleared Dynamisante recognize that environmental issues resolved, they will be seriously hampered the economic and social development. Party and 18 proposed the construction of ecological civilization, beautiful Chinese philosophy, will become the guiding ideology of the top-level design.
As responsible for environmental pollution prevention supervision and management department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, bear more specific work. Deploy its annual meeting will be the focus of this year's environmental protection work. The full completion of the annual emissions of major pollutants task priority to solve outstanding environmental problems that harm public health will be a top priority.

Experts have pointed out, more stringent energy conservation and emission reduction, technological innovation and technological progress is considered to be the first impetus. Promote energy conservation, from a fundamental point of view is to improve energy efficiency through the use of advanced technology. The next period of time, the relevant departments will be relying on the "12th Five-Year" circular economy technology development plan, select the number of the overall situation of major technology projects and key projects, and vigorously promote and increase efforts to support research and development of energy saving technology.


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