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Promote social management innovation to the concept of low-carbon economy


Source: Environmental Protection Bureau of Fujian Province


"Guangming Daily" published January 6 Zhou Bowen, Dushan Ze entitled "social management innovation in low-carbon economy Perspective article: In the process of guiding and promoting the development of low-carbon economy, the government must be a low-carbon economy concept as the ideological foundation and theoretical source of guidance and to promote economic and social development, to establish a low-carbon economy development ideas.

Development goals around the low-carbon economy and building a conservation-oriented government. The path of low-carbon economy, the implementation of the national energy conservation, the development of recycling economy, establish saving society innovation. The government should actively play an exemplary role, through the construction of a conservation-oriented government, to lead the social atmosphere, to speed up the process of saving society. To do a good job in the energy-saving work of government departments, reduce administrative costs. To control the cost of public investment projects. Should be limited financial resources into the people's livelihood and other fields, and to maximize the supply of public goods to society. Government procurement to encourage low-carbon products, to encourage low-carbon consumption. To improve the government procurement system, the clear support of the government procurement of environmentally friendly products, the to standardize procurement implementation process. Through the implementation of green consumption patterns, the promotion of energy-efficient office equipment and appliances, and accelerate the construction of environment-friendly and economical government.

Advancing government management system innovation, improve the carbon governance model of the government, the market, civil tripartite interactive. Achieve low-carbon development needs of the market mechanism to play an important role, such as the establishment of a market in tradable energy-saving and emission reduction, and play to the basic role of the market to optimize the configuration of environmental resources, reflecting the emissions trading mechanism scarcity and value determine the price of emission rights. Need to give full play to the role of government rule-making and to compensate for market failure to achieve a low-carbon development. Government to develop low-carbon development of social objectives and policies to guide the development of the economy to a low-carbon direction; government through legislation and formulate relevant development plan to promote low-carbon economy run; government to establish a sound regulatory system; government in economic policy support and encourage the production of clean credit, taxes, etc., to promote enterprises to introduce low-carbon technologies and the development of low-carbon products; Government to speed up the transformation of the functions, and strive to create a healthy and fair market environment. Achieve low-carbon development requires extensive public participation. Government must play a leading role in the development of low-carbon economy, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and citizens to actively change consumer attitudes, participation in low-carbon decision-making practice low-carbon life, to participate in the construction of low-carbon society.

Promote green GDP, and the establishment of a scientific green government performance appraisal system. The standard orientation of government performance appraisal should be the scientific development and social equity and justice. Among them, the harmonious development of the stable development of equitable development should occupy an important position in the cadre performance evaluation. To set up a low-carbon economy statistics and evaluation indicators, and establish "low carbon assessment system.

(Author: Ling Wen / Series)
(Source: "Fujian Daily" reported on January 29, 2013)


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