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Celebrate the construction of the Blue Star Group silicon material waste heat utilization project successfully run



Bluestar Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China National Bluestar (Group) Corporation, China's largest professional research, production and sales of industrial silicon base. The company responded positively to the "11th Five-Year Plan" of the national government, energy conservation work to do with reality.

Our company  signed the industrial silicon furnace surface sensible heat of the waste heat recovery project contract on September 25, 2006 with Bluestar Silicon Materials Co., Ltd., officially put into use in early November, has run for more than six months time. Industrial silicon furnace surface 230 ¡ã C heat recovery, recycling heat drying charcoal savings used to the original coal drying, savings of nearly 10 tons of coal per day, while reducing the surrounding high temperature stigmatization, social benefits and The cost is very significant.




Industrial silicon furnace exhaust pipe heat recovery transformation


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