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Congratulate the Pepsi Food Jiading District Malu branch a waste heat recovery projects run successfully



Warmly congratulated by the construction of PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Malu, Jiading District, the branch flue gas waste heat recovery projects, test running across the board on April 15, 2008, the entire system is running well, have gone far beyond the initial design criteria.


PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. (Global Name Frito-Lay), U.S. PepsiCo's snack food company, came out top in the global snack food industry. PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. in China, production and sales of the familiar and favorite snack food, including major brands: Lay's Natural Potato Chips, Lay's unlimited potato chips, 3D stereoscopic brittle Cheetos corn crisp series.


This project is the production line furnace flue gas heat recovery. Recycling methods: one atmospheric pressure waste heat recovery device is disposed in the heating furnace smoke vents to 450 ¡ã C of the flue gas down to about 180 ¡æ emissions, the recovered heat to heat the water to about 70 ¡æ, using the original fan coil loop preheat fresh air.

Basic parameters

Flue gas temperature: 450 ¡ã C
Fuel consumption: 20kg / h
Fuel Type: Diesel

RYRHS type heat recovery design parameters


Waste heat recovery heat pipe 304 stainless steel
Heat flow side inlet temperature: 450 ¡æ
Heat flow side outlet temperature: 180 ¡æ
Recovering heat: 26000kcal / h
Cold flow side inlet temperature :50-60 ¡æ
Cold flow body-side outlet temperature: 70 ¡æ
Amount of hot water: 8T / h
Heat flow side resistance: ¡Û 800Pa
Flow rate: 6 m / s.

Process lines
The recovered heat to heat the water to about 70 ¡æ, the use of the original fan coil to preheat fresh air circulation.
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