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Control total energy consumption hardening energy saving assessment


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State Council executive meeting held on January 30, the total energy consumption should be broken down to regional control goal of science, the control of the local governments at all levels of the administrative regions of total energy consumption has overall responsibility, special mention are not allowed on the residents blackouts. This indicates that China's energy strategy has been mainly from the security supply shift to the control of energy consumption.

Energy supply "12th Five-Year" period, China face increasing pressure, the total energy consumption will continue to maintain a high growth rate. China's fossil energy resources are relatively insufficient, below the world average per capita consumption. Relatively clean oil and natural gas resources are scarce, and dependence on oil imports close to 58%, increasing the amount of natural gas and coal imports.

"Twelfth Five-Year" period, the overall trend of China's energy demand growth and energy structure will not change much. Contrast the economic development of the developed countries, China's degree of energy scarcity, environmental space, technical level is different, but many of our economic development issues, such as high energy consumption, high emission, extensive mode of economic growth, Heavy economic structure, low energy efficiency are urbanization, industrialization basic characteristics of the stage of economic development, in line with the development of the regularity.

It also determines the carbon emission reduction pressures facing our country is growing. The Government's commitment to the proportion of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption in 2020 reached about 15% carbon intensity of 2005 decreased by 40% -45%. Fossil energy consumption is a major source of carbon emissions, its carbon emissions accounted for more than 90% of all carbon emissions. Energy saving in the form of the country has taken in the past based on GDP energy intensity constraint index, although this practice is conducive to support economic growth, but not enough binding energy consumption, local governments can be bigger GDP and energy consumption to meet energy intensity indicators. Therefore, during the "12th Five-Year period, only the same time continue to be bound energy intensity, total energy consumption control to hardening energy saving assessment.

The total energy consumption control should Forced mechanism, because in reality impossible to ignore the shortage. The total energy consumption control will have a significant impact on our economy and society will affect the GDP growth rate, the energy structure, energy prices, GDP, industrial structure, and even the energy-consuming industries migration. Limited to a total energy consumption of the provinces steel plant may force the provinces to migrate to other provinces.

Control of the total energy consumption of 40 million tons of standard coal, in addition to the goal of total control scientific analysis to the various regions, the government need matching policy, including full play to the role of the market mechanism to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, improve hydropower, nuclear power and renewable energy electricity pricing mechanism, to rationalize gas and alternative energy price relationship between coal and electricity price relationships, the perfect differential pricing and punitive tariff policy.

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