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Mengniu (Maanshan) Co., boiler waste heat recovery project has been run successfully!


Basic parameters

Furnace and power: 1 units 15T / h boiler
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Exhaust gas temperature: 200 ¡ã C


Waste heat recovery design parameters

Name and model: "high-spectrum" brand YRHS-15A composite pipe waste heat recovery
Boiler steel pipe materials used # 20
Flue gas side inlet temperature: 200 ¡æ
Flue gas side outlet temperature :70-100 ¡æ
The recycling total calories: 510000kcal / h
The inlet temperature of the water side: 50 ¡ã C
The outlet temperature of the water side: 90 ¡ã C
Water: 10T / h
Flue gas side resistance: ¡Û 120Pa
Service life: more than 10 years



Emptied by the waste heat recovery boiler flue gas heat exchange with the water in the waste heat recovery and reduce the flue gas temperature, boiler feed water temperature.


Economic benefits

Transformation of waste heat recovery, hourly heat recovery saving the equivalent of about 60 cubic meters of natural gas, month save about 36,000 cubic meters of natural gas a year shall be 432,000 cubic, waste heat recovery transformation not only effectively reduce the high temperature boiler emissionsand bring considerable benefits to the enterprise, and social and economic benefit is very significant.


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