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Place through more energy consumption boost GDP will be suppressed


Source: Securities Times


State Council executive meeting to study the deployment of the control total energy consumption.

Recently held a State Council executive meeting, study and plan to control energy consumption. The meeting called for the establishment of the decomposition of the implementation mechanism, the total control of the target scientific analysis to the regional, and local levels of government control of the administrative regions of total energy consumption has overall responsibility.

The total energy consumption control scheme lies in the regional distribution of energy consumption, total energy consumption and economic growth are closely related. Energy Center for Economic Research of Xiamen University, Lin Boqiang, The energy total control to control and even reduce the energy consumption of the various provinces, which is equivalent to the local economic growth on a "straitjacket". Local governments for economic development concerns may be preoccupied with the distribution of the total energy control objectives. Therefore, according to the local conditions, rational allocation of local goals.

The 2012 government work report, "should urgently formulate the reasonable control of the introduction of the program of work of total energy consumption and speed up the rationalization of energy pricing system. But the overall program and the decomposition of the program has not yet been finalized.

However, the reporter has learned, have been issued in Beijing, Zhejiang, Henan and other provinces and cities in the preparation of the control scheme of the total energy consumption, and the goal of the task is further broken down to around the city. Proposed control scheme to develop the total energy consumption in Beijing, Beijing control objectives initially set the total energy consumption in 2015 is about 90 million tons of standard coal, while identifying the "12th Five-end quality energy consumption accounted for 80% or more less than 20 million tons of total coal consumption, energy structure optimization goals.

Zhejiang Province, said the province's "second five" energy-saving target for energy consumption per unit of GDP dropped by 18%, preliminary consideration, the real GDP growth rate of 9.5% is estimated in accordance with the "12th Five-Year period, to 2015, the province's total energy consumption should control (specific indicators are subject to the state formally assigned tasks), with an average annual growth of 5.2%, 0.55 elasticity of energy consumption of 434 billion kwh of electricity, with an average annual growth of 9%, electricity consumption elasticity coefficient is less than the 217.5 million tons of coal 0.95.

Henan Province put forward, to 2015, the province's total energy consumption to less than 290 million tons of standard coal, an average annual growth of 6.2%; controlled at less than 390 billion kwh electricity consumption, with an average annual growth of 10.6%.

Energy experts said that, in the current situation, the place and then pulling the desire for economic growth by adding more energy consumption will be suppressed. In the distribution of energy consumption indicators, we must take into account the differences between the local industry and give policy support. Is dominated provinces of central and western regions to the heavy chemical indicators allocation should be given a certain amount of room for growth. (Zhu Baochen)

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