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Welcome login "gaopu" - waste heat recovery site, waste heat recovery of the "gaopu" brand products have independent intellectual property rights, frequently since Recently my company website text information and pictures to be reproduced without permission, the phenomenon of plagiarism In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of my company, to avoid and curb the the plagiarism phenomenon occurred, and create a harmonious network environment, especially Letter as follows:

First, any user enterprise, without the special permission of the company shall not be reproduced without permission, plagiarism of text information and pictures of my company website. Reproduced for infringement, plagiarism offenses, I reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility according to law. Serious patent infringement, the company will be submitted to the judicial authorities to pursue their legal obligations.

The enterprises who have privately reproduce, plagiarized text information and pictures of my company website user must be within fifteen days from the date of this announcement, make corrections. Otherwise, once the company will pursue its legal responsibility.

Third, some individual enterprises to take advantage of the information on our website sales, intentionally exaggerated its energy-saving effect, drew the majority of users do not easily believe that, in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses and legal disputes to bring their own.

Our company sincerely hope that the majority of user companies actively cooperate with the strict compliance with all laws and regulations of the country about the Internet, and jointly create a harmonious network environment.


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                                                                                              February 26, 2013

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