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Congratulate PepsiCo Foods (China) Beijing Branch of waste heat recovery projects have been successfully run



Warmly congratulated by the construction of PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, PC-21 production line furnace flue gas waste heat recovery projects, test running across the board on December 21, 2007, the entire system is running well, has been farfar beyond the initial design criteria. Comprehensive saving rate up to about 15%.


PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. (Global Name Frito-Lay), U.S. PepsiCo's snack food company, came out top in the global snack food industry. PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. in China, production and sales of the familiar and favorite snack food, including major brands: Lay's Natural Potato Chips, Lay's unlimited potato chips, 3D stereoscopic brittle Cheetos corn crisp series.


This project is the PepsiCo Foods (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing Daxing Branch PC-21 production line furnace flue gas heat recovery. Recovery methods: furnace smoke vents arranged a RYRHS-A-type atmospheric heat pipe waste heat recovery, 400 °„ C flue gas emissions be reduced to about 160 °ś, the recovered heat is directly heated cooking oil (palm oil), so that the furnace saving more than 11% of the fuel.

Basic parameters

Flue gas temperature: 400 °„ C
Fuel consumption: 420kg / h
Heating furnace imported oil temperature: 152 °ś; outlet temperature of 175 °„ C;
Degree increments: 22 °„ C
Palm oil flow: 270 t / h
RYRHS type heat recovery design parameters

Waste heat recovery heat pipe 304 stainless steel
Imports of flue gas temperature: 400 °„ C
Outlet flue gas temperature: 160 °„ C
Recovering heat: 550000kcal / h
Palm oil inlet temperature: 152 °„ C; outlet temperature :154.5-155 °ś
Flue gas side resistance: 6 mm water column
Palm oil flow rate: 0.9 m / sec.
Process lines
Pump after palm oil into the furnace heated by waste heat recovery.
Economic benefits

Palm oil into the waste heat recovery system is running, has been tested, the oil temperature in increments of 3 °„ C, comprehensive energy-saving rate of 15%, far beyond the original design specifications.
scene pictures


PC-21 production line furnace waste heat recovery before transformation

PC-21 production line furnace waste heat recovery project after modification
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