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Waste heat utilization technology to mature Industrial development policies to boost urgently


Rugged industrial development for decades under the concept of the country vigorously promote energy conservation, the use of green energy and sustainable development, and promote scientific era, gradually exposing the drawbacks.
Subject to the limitations of history, technology, philosophy, and other factors, the vast majority of industrial energy-consuming devices in a large number of operations in China, its original design can not be reasonably sensible heat and latent heat. A series of concepts, in contrast, high temperature exhaust heat, cooling medium heat, waste heat of the waste steam, high temperature and slag waste heat out the direction of the HVAC professional help industrial fields saving guidelines.

Industry-recognized Republic and heat recovery market

The data show that China's industrial areas total waste heat resources of its total fuel consumption 17% to 67% recyclable part about waste heat total of about two-thirds.
In the HVAC experts, waste heat utilization right and proper. The potential of China's industrial waste heat utilization, Wu Wei evaluation of "promising".

Industrial use efficiency is a weak link in China's development, the biggest difference is the same in developed countries. Fact, we each save a little, are very beneficial to the industry as well as national development. "He said," People have been talking about the crisis, I think it epitomized in two areas: energy and resources our country is facing a great deal of pressure on the environment, many problems have been more than a cordon in the waste heat recovery issues, thinking change and change will give the results we need to strengthen the human resources of strengthen investment in technological innovation, such as the industry of our country to long-term development. "

The boiler can be regarded as typical of industrial areas of urgent need to solve the problem of waste heat recovery. As part of the livelihood security, the boilers have played an important role in the cause of our heating. However, many people are not aware of, only about 60% of the average operating efficiency of coal-fired boilers in China, there are a lot of small tonnage in the local coal-fired boiler efficiency is lower.

According to the Shanghai Nanyang Technical parties, the waste heat boiler, the flue gas heat accounted for the vast majority. Typically, hot water, steam boiler flue gas temperature above 200 ¡æ, heat-conducting oil furnace flue gas temperature is up to 270 ~ 350 ¡æ. Over the years, the operating efficiency of the boiler is difficult to improve, not only to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases affect the environment, causing serious waste of coal resources, at the same time, also indirectly increase the cost of production.

As a coal consuming country, the amount of coal in China has accounted for more than 1/4 of the world's total coal consumption. How to improve the efficiency in the use of coal-fired boiler, and how to reduce the amount of coal is always an important issue of the lingering industry.
Gradually become mature, boiler waste heat recovery technology ideas to solve puzzles, and more and more companies will be happy to join the circle. The above said, using superconducting recover part of the heat pipe heat boiler feed water and blast temperature, the heat pipe working fluid is evaporated into the gas flow to the cooling side, heat water or air in the cooling-side condensing exothermic and get hot water, hot air. "This technology has made a good practical effect." He said.

Waste heat recovery process like squeezed sugar cane juice. Ultimately how much depends on your number of 'virgin' as well as the technical level. "Said the power branch vice president of the Architectural Society of China Building Energy Hsu hair.

Worthy of note is that these pioneers involved in the field of heat recovery, the first-mover advantage, or will it stay ahead of the market. Wu Wei said: "A lot of industrial waste heat utilization project will lead to the development of the market, now is actually not much to do this piece of the enterprise. Example, Academician Jiang Yi advocate to do thermal power plant transformation of thermal power plants with installed capacity of 80 million kilowatts, according to the data estimates the amount of equipment needed in this one as much as 200 billion yuan. "

Action to seize the market expect policy

Some companies have to be prepared. For market transformation is in the air conditioning manufacturers have the technology, to move closer to the waste heat recovery market is even more urgent.

Jiangsu Shuangliang Group is once renowned LiBr product instance. Song-Jun ground, they noted that the market for years, and now the focus of development has gradually transferred to this area, "such as electricity, polysilicon, the company vice president of marketing for each waste heat industry made detailed solutions targeted. "

Rely on a long-term vision and careful preparation, Shuangliang frequently gains in the field of waste heat recovery. Recently, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei gains a chemical base of industrial waste heat for heating large single project. It is understood that the project will be mainly used for building heating, is expected to end this year for the 4 million square meters around the building heating. The project with a local refinery to process 43,000 tons per hour of water resources, can form the equivalent heating capacity of 600 MW cogeneration project; coupled with follow-up project, the heating capacity will reach 1462 MW solve about 36 million square meters of building heating problem.

"This project will be the building heating area is one of the largest chemical waste heat utilization project. Should be more concerned that the completion of the project will be annual savings of standard coal 267,000 tons, 2.477 million tons of water resources, direct emission reduction of 427.4 tons of dust 1975.8 tons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide 2269.5 tons. "the person in charge of the project to the media statement.

Industrial waste heat recovery as a maturing industry, enterprise and industry awareness of the need to develop process, but is still the most important concern and attention from government departments. Insiders said that our incentives are not effective in the waste heat recovery, "I hope to have a more positive policy promulgated and implemented, guide enterprises to play an active role in the waste heat recovery industry."


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