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   Xiamen gaopu science technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with  research and development,production,sales and services as a whole.The company adheres to the business philosophy of "create first-class products and pursue excellence services",keeps the business creeds of "unity,hard working, innovation and win-win",adheres to the principle of simultaneous development and energy conservation,committs to the perfect combination of modern technology and application,and sets many  models of efficient use of energy.
  The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.It assimilates advanced management experience,and regards quality and reputation as the life of the company.The company puts scientific research achievement into practical application in the least time,with the cycle of "achievements -applications - achievements", each cycle is a qualitative leap.The company’s industrial waste heat recovery projects basically meet the needs of the customers for the efficient use of energy.
  The company develops and produces a series of industrial waste heat recycle systems,of which there are stereotypes and non-standard products.A number of patents have been made.It has created tremendous economic benefits for the customers.The products can be widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries,industrial sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid furnace,cement industry,ceramics industry,glass industry,textile iindustry and metallurgical iindustry.Integrated waste heat recovery technologies and equipment manufacturing technologies are in the leading level in domestic,especially the successful development of the screw expander,which solves the problems of low-temperature waste heat recovery,with entirely independent intellectual property rights.Compareing with the developed countries in Europe and the United States,the single machine power is 30 percent higher,with 50 percent of lower cost.

  With the tenets of Leading technology,quality first,customer first and  considerative services,the company closely pays attentions to the market needs and customers’ suggestions,constantly improves technology, services and quality,seizes every opportunity to communicate and exchange with customers and puts the clients’ wishes into reality.The company has a sound service system,providing fast,professional,accurate and passionate technical support and services for customers.

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